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Routine: A scraping should be made from the base of the suspected vesicle using a plastic spatula. Immediately rinse the spatula in a ThinPrep® vial by swirling the spatula vigorously in the vial 10 times. Tighten the cap so that the torque line on the cap passes the torque line on the vial. Label the vial with the patient’s name and MRN or date of birth. The accompanying specimen requisition should contain all pertinent clinical information.
If the ThinPrep® vial can be delivered to Laboratory Specimen Receiving, East Pavilion 1-100, prior to 3:00
pm Monday - Friday, prepare as instructed above. Clearly indicate that a result is needed STAT. The
accompanying specimen requisition should contain all pertinent clinical information.

If it is necessary to have a Tzank smear read after 5:00 pm or anytime over the weekend, the clinical
pathology resident on call should be notified for a STAT interpretation 847-5121 or call Provider Access
Service, 847-2700. In those instances, the sample should be smeared on a glass slide and must be fixed
within 3 seconds by spraying with a cytologic fixative. Aerosol spray fixative should not be held any closer than 12 inches from the slide, making sure the entire sample is flooded with fixative. Drying or improper fixation cannot be permitted, as cellular detail is distorted which may render the specimen unsatisfactory for interpretation. All slides submitted for cytologic examinations are required to have the patient’s name written in pencil on the frosted end of the slide.

Test Schedule / Analytical Time / Test Priority

Monday – Friday / Varies / Available STAT


ThinPrep, Modified Pap or direct Smear


Description CPT Code
Tzank Smear 88160
Cytology Screen & Interpretation Part B 88160.26




Performing Location

University of Vermont Medical Center

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