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Important Note

Use for isolation of M. Avium/M. Intracellulare/MAI complex, and other Mycobacteria. Testing includes culture, identification, (additional charges/CPT codes may apply) and if culture results warrant, susceptibility testing (at additional charge) of all indicated organisms.

Additional Codes

Primary ID Epic Code Mayo Access ID
BTC LAB246 FAH5267


Specimen Information




Collect Vol Submit Vol Minimum Vol
Adult Isolator Tube Whole Blood Ambient 10 mL 10 mL 8 mL
Pediatric Isolator Tube Whole Blood Ambient 1.5 mL 1.5 mL 1.0 mL

Adult patient samples drawn in pediatric isolator tubes will be rejected as quantity NOT sufficient for testing.

Collection of Blood Cultures

  1. Do not collect from a site that shows signs of possible infection such as swelling, redness, hardness, or heat because organisms may already be established in the subcutaneous tissue, which could contaminate the blood cultures.
  2. Clean the venipuncture site using a Blood Culture ChloroPrep Kit supply #59183.  Squeeze the handle of the scrubber once to release the isopropyl alcohol.  Use the scrubber to vigorously cleanse the site for 30 seconds and then allow it to air dry; do not use gauze to wipe off the site.  Squeeze the center of the iodine ampule and use the swab end to apply it to the site, starting in the center and working out in concentric circles, to cover an area about 5cm. in diameter.  A double application of alcohol may be used if the patient is sensitive to iodine.  Wait several minutes for the site to air dry.
  3. Once the puncture area is prepared, do not palpate the site again. If the puncture area is touched, it must be thoroughly prepped again.
  4. If an Isolator™ tube is used, a vacutainer set up may be used, but care must be taken to keep the tube below the level of the vein so that the lysing solution does not flow back into the arm of the patient. The sample must be sealed in a leakproof container.

Blood Culture, Fungal (Pediatric) (Pedi Isolator® supply # 59186): Inject 1.5 mL of blood into an alcohol-swabbed tube.

  1. Label bottles or tube with patient’s full name, date of birth and UVM Medical Center Medical Record number if available.  The label must contain two unique identifiers, UVMMC medical record number (MRN) or patient’s date of birth along with the patient’s full name.
  2. Deliver immediately ( samples must be recieved within 24 hours of collection) to the laboratory. Do not place blood cultures samples in the refrigerator. The sample must be sealed in a leakproof container.


Test Schedule / Analytical Time / Test Priority

Daily / Reported when positive. Negative final at 56 days / Not available STAT




Description CPT Code
AFB Culture 87116



Manual Method

Reference Range

Negative: No acid-fast bacilli isolated, final at 8 weeks
Positive: When organisms are detected, a preliminary result is available via computer and the clinician is called with a verbal report. Cultures with organisms growing are maintained in the laboratory for 90 days after finalization.



Performing Location

University of Vermont Medical Center

Is the UVMMC lab NY State Certified to perform this testing?  Yes/No


Order Code LOINC

Order Code Reporting Name LOINC Code
BTC AFB Culture, Blood 533-0


Result Code LOINC(s)

Result Code Reporting Name LOINC Code


Specimen Description 31208-2
CULT Result 41852-5
RPT Report Status N/A