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Important Note

For outside clients submit a manual order.
This test is subject to reflex testing, see Laboratory Reflex Testing Policy, you have the option to decline reflex testing if you believe it is not medically necessary.
This test is part of Advanced Lung Cancer Reflex Testing and is accompanied by the GenePanel Solid Tumor Assay.

The lung cancer transdisciplinary team at UVMMC, based on review of advances in medical knowledge and practice, have unanimously decided to implement reflex genomic testing by the  GenePanel Solid Tumor assay and PD-L1 immunohistochemical staining (PD-L1 IHC) for unresectable NSCLC or unresectable “carcinoma that may likely be from a non-small cell lung primary”. Currently, most samples of unresectable NSCLC or unresectable “carcinoma that may likely be from a non-small cell lung primary” at our institution, are submitted for targeted genomic analysis by the GenePanel Solid Tumor and many for PD-L1 IHC.

To decrease the turnaround time in getting these results to the providers to be able to use the information to plan possible treatment, reflex testing will be initiated by pathology.

  • Reflex testing criteria: Any sample deemed in the morphologic review to be “NSCLC” or “carcinoma, suspected lung cancer primary” (not applicable to small cell lung cancer) AND is deemed unresectable/advanced stage, will have genomic analysis and PD-L1 initiated in the reflex pathway.
  • Test algorithm: N/A

Additional Codes

Primary ID

Epic Code

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Specimen Information

Testing is performed from previously collected tissue biopsy/resection or fine needle aspiration sample.

Container Specimen Temperature Collect Vol Submit Vol Minimum Vol
Slide Fine Needle Aspirate Ambient N/A N/A N/A
Paraffin Embedded Tissue Block Tissue Ambient N/A N/A N/A


Test Schedule / Analytical Time / Test Priority

Weekly / Greater than 50% of routine Surgical Pathology specimens are completed within 2 working days / Not available STAT


Immunohistochemical assay


Description CPT Code
Morphometric Analysis, tumor immunochemistry, each single ab stain procedure 88360
Professional 88360.26




Performing Location

University of Vermont Medical Center

Is the UVMMC lab NY State Certified to perform this testing?  Yes/No