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Test Code test test

Important Note

Please specify specimen and collection site.

The best specimens for culture are tissue, fluids, aspirates, or curettings.

test requis

Additional Codes

Primary ID Epic Code Mayo Access ID
RCS LAB2523 FAH5295


Specimen Information

Container Specimen


Collect Vol

Submit Vol

Minimum Vol Stability
Bacterial/Yeast Collection Kit Variable*


Swab Swab in collection kit Swab in collection kit  
Sterile Container Tissue** Refrigerate 2mm 2 mm 1 mm **
Sterile Container Fluid** Ambient 10 mL 10 mL 1 mL **
Sterile Container Bone*** Ambient N/A N/A N/A ***

*Samples must be received in lab within 24 hours. Please specify site and source with the laboratory order.
**Deliver to lab immediately, specify site.
***Deliver to lab immediately, swabs are NOT acceptable.

Test Schedule / Analytical Time / Test Priority

Daily / Reported when positive. Negative final at 2 - 5 days / Gram smear available STAT


Culture & Smear


Description CPT Code
Gram Stain 87205
Routine Culture 87070



Manual Method

Reference Range

No growth



Performing Location

University of Vermont Medical Center

Is the UVMMC lab NY State Certified to perform this testing?  Yes/No


Order Code LOINC

Order Code Reporting Name LOINC Code
In process    


Result Code LOINC(s)

Result Code Reporting Name LOINC Code
In process